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Kent, UK


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Client Testimonials

Family Feedback

Emily made such a difference to our feeding journey and enabled me to make informed choices that were right for my family. Forever grateful.


The support received from Emily enabled me to continue breastfeeding and meet my goals, I achieved a pain free feed for the first time and it changed everything for us.


Emily was able to see me quickly from initially contacting her, and at home which gave me the chance to practice adjustments in my own home. I was so grateful for the time she spent, and the support enabled me to continue feeding whilst awaiting tongue tie division as well as being a wealth of information post division. I would highly recommend to any new parents with concerns around their babies feeding.


Picture of Emily Fawdry IBCLC

Emily is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with 10 years experience with supporting families to meet infant feeing goals.

Emily Fawdry IBCLC

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